Huawei and partners jointly established China’s first Metaverse Research Institute

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30/08/2022 15:50
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Recently, Huawei and Fudan University have made efforts to build China’s first Metaverse Research Institute. The announcement of the institute’s establishment took place at the theme event of the Shanghai Urban Digital Transformation Experience Week.

As the name reflect, Metaverse is an innovative and comprehensive technology that brings virtual-real interaction to the users. So far, the China region already has one Metaverse and Virtual-Reality Interaction Joint Innovation center in Shanghai. The respective center came into existence in June this year. However, this is another step in the Metaverse field in a more big spectrum.

Then how is this the first institute of Metaverse in the region? Well, apart from the virtual experience, the institute conducts programs for regional and local government research and development. That is why it is the first provincial and municipal-level Metaverse Institute in Shanghai.

Alongside Huawei and Fudan University, other cooperations have also equally contributed to the development of Metaverse Research Institute. For instance, Tencent Interactive Entertainment, China Mobile Migu, Epic Games, Peking University, Renmin University, Zhejiang University, and more.

MetaVerse – New Ways to Technology
Metaverse is the distributor of virtual integration in the real world. It brings several opportunities in the aspect of the social, content, game, and official scenarios for the individuals. The high-tech developers have integrated techs such as blockchain, internet applications, and social forms to develop this amazing innovation platform.

This Metaverse Research Organization will comprise an academic committee. The committee will indulge the national as well as international experts that can lead the way for innovative solutions in the nation. The governance of the experimental base – Professor Zhao Xing will be the dean of the institute, while the directors of the Fudan and Chinese University will serve as Chief Consultants.

Slowly and steadily, other corporate sectors are also initiating the Metaverse technology. Alternatively, this is a new step that will gradually serve the digital economy as well as the welfare of the users in the region.

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