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New onshore scenario opens up investment prospects

03/13/2017 | 19h46
New onshore scenario opens up investment prospects
Vinicius Magalhães/Firjan Vinicius Magalhães/Firjan

With a reduced production of around 140,000 barrels per day, the exploration of oil and gas in land areas in the country should gain new impetus. The Topázio project - sale of Petrobras assets - and the two ANP auctions for this segment, with land areas, will allow new players to enter the market. In view of the growing interest in the theme and the opportunity to develop onshore in the country, the Firjan System promoted on the last Friday (10/03) the 'Onshore Workshop in Brazil' to evaluate the best direction of the industry in this recovery. 


The Vice President of the Federation, Raul Sanson pointed out that Brazilian terrestrial production is very distant from nearby countries, such as Argentina and Ecuador. However, according to him, from the government's interest in resuming this activity, the industry is also interested in participating, opening a new field of business, especially for a group of small and medium enterprises. "There is an optimistic message on the opportunity that is being created, with the possibility of tripling production. It is a phase of breaking paradigm, "he said.


According to the director of the Brazilian Industrial Development Agency (ABDI), Miguel Nery, it is important to have a robust program to strengthen the productive chain. For him, the scenario is a resumption of investments, contributing to the local development of the entire supply chain.


The director of the National Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP), José Gutman confirmed the holding of 10 rounds of bidding in the next three years, highlighting the 4th round of areas with marginal accumulations in May. He also mentioned the creation of the Coordination of Terrestrial Areas, the Permanent Committee for the Analysis of Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Contracts and the Contract Extension Program for the Rounds already held.


The Director of Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, João Vicente Vieira, gave an explanation about the stages of the revitalization program of exploration and production of oil in land areas (Reate), with the Objective of reverting to the segment's decreasing curve. He also spoke of the government's willingness to dialogue and also cited the bidding auction schedule until 2019. The executive secretary of the Brazilian Association of Independent Producers of Oil and Gas (ABPIP), Anabal Santos Júnior, presented the demands and needs of the segment, Focusing on the challenges that need to be overcome in order to take advantage of opportunities in the country - a minimum agenda for the segment.


The Firjan System's Oil, Gas and Naval Manager, Karine Fragoso, highlighted the actions of the Firjan System for this year in the segment, which also includes a mapping of onshore demands and the promotion of an international prospective mission to Calgary, Canada, in June.


Also attending the meeting were Canada's Rio consul general Cynthia Bernier and Business and Gas Development Manager Nadine Lopes and Eneva's general institutional manager Damian Popolo who reported on the company's performance in wells In the Brazilian Northeast.


Font: T&B Petroleum/Press Office
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