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Govn't announces 55 new projects for private sector concessions

03/08/2017 | 11h18
Govn't announces 55 new projects for private sector concessions
Beto Barata/PR Beto Barata/PR

The Brazilian presidency announced this Tuesday (Mar. 7) the next concession projects to be granted to the private sector. A total of 55 new concessions will be granted, in addition to projects to renew current concessions, including highways, railways, port terminals, and power transmission lines.


President Michel Temer reported that the new projects will attract $14.5 billion as new investments in the energy, transport, and sanitation sectors, and will create 200,000 new direct and indirect jobs. "We need to do this soon, because our major aim is exactly to tackle the country's unemployment," said the president.


The Ministry of Mines and Energy submitted a bidding proposal for 35 portions of construction of power transmission lines in 17 states, with an investment of $4.1 billion. The Ministry of Transport connected concession projects on highways, railways, and ports.


Moreira Franco, chief administrative aide to the presidency, pointed out that of the total of projects, three contracts have already been signed: two concession contracts for port terminals have been extended and the contract to privatize CELG has been signed.


According to him, the program aims to help investors interested in the country giving them predictability. "Individuals and legal entities need to know what will happen and when it will happen, and, above all, they need to have guarantees that the rules will be observed in the future."


First wave


In September last year, the first wave of concession projects has been granted, with 35 projects for airports, ports, highways, railways, oil and gas, mining, energy and sanitation sectors. Since then, three contracts have been signed, and seven concession and lease notices have been issued. More than 20 auctions are scheduled for this year.


The CELG Distribuição has been the first to be privatized by the program. On March 16, the airports of Fortaleza, Florianópolis, Salvador and Porto Alegre shall be auctioned. On March 23, two terminals of the Santarém Port (PA) will be auctioned and, on April 20, the Grain Terminal in Rio de Janeiro will be auctioned.



Font: Agência Brasil
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