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Technology Innovation Award

ANP delivers Awards of Technology Innovation 2017

09/01/2017 | 16h33
ANP delivers Awards of Technology Innovation 2017
Divulgation ANP Divulgation ANP

The ceremony of delivery of the ANP Award for Technological Innovation, edition 2017, was held yesterday (31/8), at the Itamaraty Palace, in Rio de Janeiro. This year, in the three categories of the Award, there were 52 projects from universities, oil companies and suppliers of goods and services. The evaluation of the winners was made based on the criteria of originality, applicability and functionality of the technology, scientific and technological contribution.


At the opening of the event, the ANP's director general, Décio Oddone, pointed out that technological innovations are increasingly important in the resumption of the Brazilian oil and gas sector: "We have a schedule of rounds that will bring results in the long term. On the two fronts, in the rounds and in the current contracts, we need the help of the community of innovation, science and technology, "he said, adding that in the short term we need to work with existing contracts. he said.


The ANP Award for Technological Innovation aims to recognize the individual or joint effort of a research and development institution accredited by ANP, an oil company and a Brazilian company that has developed innovative goods and / or services for the petroleum sector , natural gas and biofuels, already inserted or with high potential for market insertion, and which have been financed with at least 20% of the P & D Clause resources present in contracts for the exploration and production of oil and natural gas.


In the period from 1998 to the first half of 2017, the total accumulated amount of obligations generated for investments in the PD & I clause was more than R$ 12.6 billion. From 1998 until the first half of 2017, more than 10 thousand research and technological development projects were contracted or started with resources derived from the clause. Considering the projects that require prior authorization, according to the regulation, from November 2005 to June 2017, 1,462 projects were authorized, with a total value of R$ 4.7 billion in authorizations. Of these projects, about 80% refer to the laboratory infrastructure, with a total authorized value of R$ 2.3 billion.


Currently, a total of 738 research units are accredited throughout the country, eligible to receive investments with resources from the PD & I clause, with a coverage of 3,307 research lines.



Category I - Technological innovation developed in Brazil by an institution accredited by the ANP in collaboration with an oil company. 


WINNER - DORIS - Robotic Mobile System for Remote Inspection of Offshore Facilities 

Petroleum company: Petrobras and Statoil 

Institution accredited: UFRJ


Abstract: The objective of this project is to develop essential technologies for remote supervision, diagnosis and data acquisition for offshore installations. The proposed system consists of a mobile robot capable of transporting different sensors through the inspected environment, which together with signal processing algorithms are responsible for data analysis and identification of anomalies.



Flat Fish 

Oil Company: Shell-BG 

Accredited Institution: Senai


Abstract: The purpose of the project is to develop a stand-alone underwater vehicle capable of residing on the seabed at a docking station. This underwater vehicle will be able to perform visual inspections in close proximity, rebuilding the observed objects in 3D.


Ultrasonic Corrosion Tester (PROVUS) 

Petroleum Company: Petrobras 

Institution Accredited: USP


Abstract: Development of a non-intrusive ultra high sensitivity ultrasonic corrosion monitoring system called PROVUS (acronym for ultrasonic corrosion taster) capable of estimating corrosion rate with high precision and with versatility of use in onshore and offshore scenarios.


Category II - Technological innovation developed in Brazil by micro, small or medium-sized Brazilian supplier of oil, natural gas and biofuels segment in collaboration with oil company


WINNER: Pilots of SSE Predictive Maintenance Systems 

Petroleum company: Petrobras 

Institution accredited: UFRGS 

Supplier Company: Trisolutions


Abstract: The Asset Management Platform (PGA) was developed, which enables the historical and real-time monitoring of the efficiency and condition of the assets of an industrial process. PGA comprises a comprehensive system of acquisition, pretreatment, processing and visualization of process data and product analysis results. Through this software, production and monitoring teams can calculate the instantaneous efficiency of the main equipment and processes, making the necessary adjustments to optimize them.



Special Digital Rock Physics - Digital Rock Analysis for Reservoir Quality Classification: Coquinas do Morro do Chaves, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin

Oil Company: Shell-BG

Supplier company: Ingrain


Abstract: The research is focused on the analysis of faciological and petrophysical properties of coquina (of the same age as the Santos Basin Pre-Salt) of the Morro do Chaves Formation, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, through X-ray computed tomography in high resolution 3-D testimonials and plugs of this geological formation.


Magnetic methods for mitigation of inorganic scale in wells

Petroleum Company: Petrobras

Institution Accredited: IPT, UFRJ and UFES

Supplier company: Hidromag and Magmax


Abstract: Magnetic equipment technology for inorganic scale mitigation is a highly attractive solution for bottom-floor applications and surface installations. Alternative to the injection of inhibitors, it brings numerous cost advantages, simplification of well configurations and reduction of environmental impact by eliminating or minimizing the presence of chemicals. The proposal is to influence the form of crystallization, and consequently the degree of adhesion of the crystals to the walls of pipes and valves.


Category III - Technological innovation developed in Brazil by a large Brazilian supplier of oil, natural gas and biofuels segment in collaboration with oil company.

WINNER: Optimization of the Pre-Salt Drilling Process

Petroleum company: Petrobras

Supplier Company: Schlumberger


Abstract: The main objective of the project is to reduce the cost of construction of offshore wells in the Santos basin. The scope of the project included: 1) Analysis of causes for low drilling efficiency. 2) Engineering of customized drilling systems (including 3 new drills and 2 drilling fluids). 3) Real-scale laboratory tests. 4) Field tests in the Santos Basin. The main technology that allowed the development of this project was the development of the CDE, which is a new technology of cutter that has greater resistance to the impact and abrasion when compared to the traditional cutters PDC. The project encompassed the development of 5 prototype drills using this technology.




Multi Sensor Inversion-MSI / Radial estimation of formation properties from electromagnetic and acoustic data

Oil Company: Shell-BG

Supplier Company: Schlumberger


Abstract: An innovative methodology was developed for the estimation of radial profiles of elastic and petrophysical properties using data measured through tools sensitive to different depths of investigation. The radial profiles are obtained by a combined inversion of matrices of acoustic velocities, electromagnetic data and density curve combined by means of the effective medium theory and empirical equation of Archie. Besides the estimation of porosity and water saturation for the formation, the radial profiles allow a quantitative analysis of the alteration zone near the well, and this information can help a specialist to characterize the formation and facilitate the differentiation between the presence of vugs, fractures, and inclined layers, for example.


Optimization of light olefins and fuel quality

Petroleum Company: Petrobras

Supplier Company: FCCSA


Abstract: The major challenge of this innovation is to provide a product that can meet the high demands of propylene, also acting as a "booster" of octane cracked naphtha, to be applied at levels that do not cause such a dilution effect. The effort of this R & D work has resulted in the launch of the MAXZOOM ME additive, the latest advancement in compromise between high activity and propene selectivity, reduction of the dilution effect and excellent friction resistance LOI (Loss on Ignition) Ignition: Humidity).


Innovation Personality Award 2017


The tribute was granted to Carlos Tadeu da Costa Fraga, for his contribution to research, technological development and innovation in the Brazilian energy sector. Civil engineer graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ),Carlos Tadeu Fraga worked at Petrobras between 1981 and 2014, occupying several positions, among them the Executive Management of the Petrobras Research Center (Cenpes) and the Executive Management of Exploration and Production of Pre-salt. He is currently Vice President of Projects, Innovation and Business Development at Empresa Granenergia.


The other two nominees for this year's Personality Innovation Award were Marcelo Gattass, director of the Tecgraf Institute for Technical-Scientific Software Development at PUC-Rio (Tecgraf / PUC-Rio), and Segen Farid Stefen, professor of Ocean Structures and Submarine Technology of COPPE / UFRJ, having been director general of COPPE / UFRJ (1998-2001) and superintendent director of the Coppetec Foundation (2009-2013).


Honorable Mention of the ANP Award for Technological Innovation


This year, besides the three categories of projects and the personality innovation, the ANP paid a posthumous homage, giving an honorable mention to the metallurgical engineer and master in Engineering of Mines, Metallurgy and Materials Telmo Roberto Strohaecker, which was professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), where he coordinated the Physical Metallurgy Laboratory and the creation of research laboratories in different metallurgical techniques.


More information about the ANP Award for Technological Innovation 2017 is available at

Font: T&B Petroleum/ANP Press Office
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